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Flat Foot x Victor Athletics Club Collaboration Event

Meet Larry Robertson out of Columbus, OH.  Larry is a good friend/supporter and fellow shop owner as well as one of the more creative and inspiring people we know.  We normally do collaborations and events revolving around products, but this one is a little different. 

Saturday, May 7th from 11am-8pm, will be the official launch of Larry's new foundation called W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes), which is a non-profit organization that donates art supplies to inner city kids.  Having grown up in an inner city neighborhood in Columbus, Larry knows first hand what happens when young people don't have access to an artful, creative, or inspirational environment.  Creativity is the thing that makes us individuals and is the most important form of self-expression.  It's also something that disappears from inner city neighborhoods and school systems when funding is low.  We felt an instant connection with Larry and his goal to put art supplies/creativity back in the hands of under privileged youth. 

Our flagship store in historic Over The Rhine is in one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods anywhere.  Victor Athletics Club has become a welcoming spot for the kids that live in the neighborhood and thrives to help inspire them.  In raising money and awareness for a foundation like W.I.T., the goal is to be able to help supply kids with the tools they need and eventually provide them with an open, creative space to make art.  Help us bring our love for creativity to the kids that don't have access to it. 

Learn more by visiting: http://flatfootshop.com/
View the event page on facebook.