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New Victor Men's Tees

We've been busy developing some new products for the summer and working to restock some staples.  Among the items to get an overhaul is the Men's tee shirt. Our original designs were fine, but pretty conventional in design and a little ambitious in fit.

We wanted to make a tee that was something truly special, so we started fresh. This new Men's tee has a few things going for it... firstly, the fabric.  It is heavy, and it is made to endure.  While lightweight and thin tees are great, we wanted to offer something new, and something wonderfully unique that can improve with age, rather than going threadbare. We think the new fabric for the Men's tees do just that. It is a heavy 9 ounce organic cotton with just a little texture.  You have to see and feel it to believe it.

The second thing that makes this tee special is the fit.  It has been redesigned to be a bit more classically fit and truer to size (when compared to the previous iteration).  We got a lot of feedback from the community about the sizing and we took it to heart.  You can expect a classic fitting tee, akin to what you are probably used to with other makers. 

This tee is a true staple, check out the collection.