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It's been a wild ride since last Spring and starting the Victor Athletics brand on Kickstarter.  We've learned, we've grown, we've improved.  Our desire to be the most sustainable clothing company in the US hasn't changed, nor has our dedication to US manufacturing, ethical practices or attention to detail.  Truth is, Victor Athletics is much different than our denim brand (Noble Denim) in terms of production, timing and general operations.  Our supply chain is twice as big as Noble's due to the quantity of products and the fact that we have to make all of our own fabrics (to ensure they are up to our standards).  The companies we've partnered with have been great, but that too was a work in progress and we had to try a few before we found the right ones. 

All this said, we've sold out of items quickly and haven't had the ability to do 'quick restocks'-- simply because garments take MONTHS to make.  We've been playing catch up with the traditional textile and 'fashion' calendar (where you start making your items nearly a year ahead of time).  But the light at the end is that we're almost there.  This Spring should mark the moment when we are mostly caught up with that timeline (not to mention our 1 year anniversary!).  We anticipate being able to keep inventory in most core colors (grey, navy, black) all year, as well as release seasonal color ways that are limited runs.  Additionally, we'll be able to add a few new products each season.  We're really excited about this and we hope you are too.  We do thank you all for your early support and continued patience.  Our spring items and core restock is scheduled to happen in late March.

Victor Athletics Spring Restock Coming Late March