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Victor Athletics Hooded Sweatshirts Are Very Popular

It came as a surprise to us that 1 of every 3 items we sell is a hooded sweatshirt-- affectionately dubbed the 'hoodie'.  Are people just more into flipping up the hood and shoving hands into a roomy center pocket as they go about their lives?  While we admit this might have to do with weather, we have a few other guesses as to why our hoodies are so popular...

They are a true vintage fit

We modeled the designs of this hoodie off of looks from the 60's and 70's.  They have that slightly cropped aesthetic you've seen in some of those iconic films of the time, as well as a slimmer fit-- something we've found to be hard to find in a hoodie.  The wider ribbing on the cuff and waist also help it sit closer to the body and give it that retro look.

The details are something special

As we were hinting at, the details too are something different (yet familiar).  The rear 'dorito' detail around the neck and the red highlight stitch on the side are both taken out of the 'vintage book of design'.  But we've found most people get a bigger kick out of the gold and nickle drawstrings, and the placement on the hood.  Just enough brightness and flair without being gaudy.

They are softer than other hoodies, and look like you've warn them for ages

These hoodies are garment dyed which means they start as a natural colored fiber and we dye them AFTER they are made, as opposed to using colored fabric.  This, along side the distressing and pre-washing process, gives them the incredibly soft and slightly pilled look we're after.  The result is faded and 'well-worn' coloring, and a much softer feel on the skin.  It looks like the hoodie has been in your collection for years.

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