5% For The Factory

We’re giving 5% of our after-tax profit back to the factories to be invested in their workers and combat the impact of outsourcing. We value the relationships we have with each facility and think it is the right thing to do.

Organic Materials

Conventional cotton occupies only 3% of the world’s farmland, but uses 25% of the world’s chemical pesticides and fertilizers. It is the most pesticide-laden crop in the US. That’s why we use entirely organic cotton.

Change the trend

In 1980, America made 80% of its clothes in the US; today, that number is down to 2%. By choosing to do business with smaller, more sustainable American manufacturers, we are helping to change the trend.

What goes into making each garment?

We can trace each sweatshirt back to the cotton farm. We start with this 100% organic cotton, grown and knit in the US. That fabric is sewn by our partner factory in Tennessee to make the crew, hoodie and joggers and then, to achieve the worn aesthetic, we garment dye and wash the products down at a local Tennessee wash house.

Why Buy Victor?

Victor makes it easy to feel good about buying our products. Whether you’re motivated by a great fit, bringing jobs back to the US, or purchasing sustainable clothing--- we’ve got you covered. We’re simplifying online shopping AND pricing clothes directly from the factory to you. A sweatshirt that would typically be $125 is now $68. We are lowering the barrier of entry for more people to join us in changing the market, employing our neighbor at fair wages, for a fair price.

Want to hear more about what motivates us? Ask us by emailing us your questions at

In The Press

“We used to make the majority of our own clothes here in the states. Now we make almost none. Victor Athletics is looking to change that, while helping out their neighbors at the same time.”

“Supporting Victor is worth it on every level; support American manufacturing, help good people build a business and promote good-looking (and well-priced) product.”

"[Victor is] like an early-stage, better quality American Apparel, without the controversial PR."

"Victor Athletics wants to save the American garment industry. And they just might do it."

“We’ve wear-tested the Victor Athletics collection and agree that it is proper classic American sportswear that will work for everyone. ”

“With the entire operation based in the United States (headquarters are in Cincinnati), Sutton and his team provide quality product with an emphasis on details...”

Victor Athletics in CNNVictor Athletics in CNN